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Rice is the staple food of the southern state of India, Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer of rice in India. Naturally, a lot of local food is rice based.
People eat breakfast, Lunch, Evening Tiffin, Dinner. Here in andhra we do eat 7 course meal for lunch and dinner.
Here is the course and the order
1. Rice with ghee, Kandipodi & gongura pacchadi (a pickle made with a leafy vegetable)
2. Rice with ghee, dal and Vegeterian Fry, Vegeterian Curry
3. Rice with sambhar
4. Rice with rasam (Charu)
5. Rice with curd
6. The sweet dish (usually payasam)
7. Sweet paan
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is for for old timers who starts their day with curd rise from the day before. and normal breakfast is a 2 cource meal with an item and coffee/ tea
Idlis are commonly eaten as breakfast item along with Coconut Chutney, called Kobbari Patchadi in Telugu, and/or sambar. At times, Ginger Chutney (Allam Pachadi), Chilly powder (Kaarampodi) and Ghee are also eaten along with Idli.
Minapattu (Dosa) is also commonly eaten for breakfast or the evening snack. There are several varieties eaten such as the Masala Dosa, Rava Dosa, Sada Dosa, and Rava Masala Dosa. Generally, Andhra-style versions of these Dosas are spicier and crispier than those of its other South Indian counterparts.
Pesarattu is also a key item in Andhra cuisine. It is more similar to Dosa but the batter is made of green mung beans, the taste of which is unique. It is usually thin and crispy, with onions, green chillies, ginger pieces and coriander chopped and filled. It is accompanied by Chutney mainly made of ginger. MLA Pesarattu is a more popular variety of pesarattus which has Upma as filling.
Uppu Pindi or Uppidi Pindi is equivalent to Upma, commonly consumed as breakfast item or as a full meal along with Patchadi (Chutney) in Telugu. This dish is prepared with Rice Ravva (split/broken rice), mung dal (split green gram), freshly grated coconut, fresh green chillies and curry leaves

Regular meal
A full Andhra meal generally consists of some or all of the following

  • Cooked Rice
  • Pappu, the Telugu word for cooked Redgram / Pigeonpea seeds.
  • For vegetable entrees/curries a wide variety of vegetables are used which also includes green leafy vegetables.
    Non-vegetarian curries include "Kodikoora" (Chicken),"Vetamamsam" (goat meat), "Chepalakoora" (Fish) and "Royyalakoora" (Prawn).
  • Vepudu - Fried vegetable curryPodi - Various types of powders eaten along with ghee(Neyyi).These are dry powders made of different lentils or chillies
  • Patchadi (Pickles), e.g., Uragaaya, Aavakaaya (spicy mango pickle) and one made of a leafy vegetable called Gongura.Pickles, fresh as well as preserved, are made from all kinds of fruits and vegetables.
  • Vulavacharu (cooked Horsegram soup) with cream is fast becoming an international recipe.
  • Pappuchaaru - (Lentil / Redgram based vegetable soup)
  • Pulusu - A vegetable broth resembling sambar, but very different in preparation and taste
  • Chaaru - A lighter version of Sambaar without vegetables
  • Perugu (Yoghurt) or Majjiga (Buttermilk)
  • Appadam (Papadums) usually eaten with pulusu or sambar.
  • A sweet dish or two.Bananas
  • Tamboolam (Also called Killi, Beeda or Paan) made of fresh Betel leaves and Arecanut pieces and Lime.
(Among the above mentioned items either Pappucharu or Pulusu and either Buttermilk or Yoghurt are consumed. Tamarind rice is consumed on special occasions or during travel because it can be preserved for one to two days)
Suggested Itinerary

At homes, many savory snacks make appearance during evening time.
These are

  • Kaarappoosa
  • Chekkalu
  • Chakkiralu
  • Chegodilu
  • Pakodi
  • Boondi
  • Mixture'(Boondi mixed with onions and lemon)
  • Punukulu
  • Bondaalu or Punukulu'with Spicy touchings(allam pachadi)
  • Mirapakaya Bajji (a local variety of extre-hot chillies stuffed with spices and dipped in chick pea batter and fried).
  • Ullipakodi (fritters made with sliced onion and spices in chickpea batter).
  • Gaare (similar to Vada). Gaares are deep fried and spiced dough
  • Perugu gaare / Aavadalu (Gaare are marinated in a yoghurt-like sauce).

Events and Attractions  
  • Pootha rekulu
  • Laddu
  • Boorelu
  • Bobbatlu
  • Ariselu
  • SunniUndalu
  • Polelu
  • Garjelu
  • Kakinada Khaja
  • Kajjikayalu
  • Payasam
  • Ravva Laddu
  • Gavvalu
  • Chakkera Pongali(sugar pongal)
  • Palakayalu
  • Venna Undalu
  • Mogali Rekulu
  • Ravva Kesari
  • Jeedilu
  • Kobbari Lavuju









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