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Picture a 180-degree view of the white sand beach, dotted with palm and mango grooves on a warm breezy evening, as the rush of waves against the shore can be heard. Picture a quiet afternoon at the beach with only you and your friends and no one else. Picture sitting at an open air restaurant, as you listen to the soothing music and marvel at the stunning sunset. This is just Rushikonda Beach.
Things to Do  
Here you can venture in to the beach or you can take boat ride ( Avoid country boats) and adventurous activities like parasailing and surfing are planned. You can opt to gaze around with a cup of coffee and look at the vast spaces changing hues during the day and night.
How to Reach There
Rushi Konda can be reached by Bus or own hired vehicle and is 8 km from the city.
Suggested Itinerary
Full Day Itinerary Dolphins Nose, Ross Hill, RK Mission, Aquarium, Lane of Fame, Submarine Museum, Visakha Museum, VUDA Park, Rushikonda, Kailasgiri Park
Events and Attractions  
Sarva Rusheeswara Temple
The shrine is believed to have been discovered by Yogi Raghavendra in 1949. According to the Hindu mythology, the Sapta Rishis performed penance and pujas at this spot and consecrated the temple.

The temple has separate shrines for Lord Shiva and Bala Tripura Sundari. It also enshrines the idols of Lord Ganesh, Navagrahas, Goddess Gowri, Goddess Ganga and Lord Hanuman in the form of Arihantaka Harimarkata.

The highlight here is seven wells, which according to local populace contain the water of seven sacred rivers that had been brought to the spot by the Sapta Rishis with their celestial powers. Uniqueness is that the water of each well contains fresh water and varies in taste.









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