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Spread over 7,146 hectares, Kambalakonda Reserve Forest was declared a wildlife sanctuary by the Union Ministry of Forests and Environment on September 13, 2002.The forest on the Eastern Ghats is the abode for rare species of endemic flora and also supporting variety like leopard, barking deer, wild boat, spotted deer, sambar and monkeys. Owing to its close proximity to the city, the flora and fauna in the forest are subjected to high degree of biotic interference. Going round the park on horses will be a splendid experience for the kids. Trekking will not only provide an arduous physical exercise but also an exposure to the gentle and steep slopes and dense and open forests. Sums up a senior Forest official: ''We are confident that the park will motivate people towards protecting flora and fauna and help develop environmental and aesthetic needs of the denizens. It would also offer a relaxed atmosphere to visitors, enabling them to relax and break the monotony of the routine and strenuous lifestyle.

Things to Do  
It's indeed an adventure of rare sorts. A visit to this Nature Park and being in the company of peacocks, deers, emus, lovebirds and other endangered species will give a refreshing treat to eco-tourists. Visitors to Kambalakonda can have the pleasure of undertaking trekking over a stretch of 4.5 km. or boating in a reservoir or observe the noises and movements of several types of birds flocking the trees and water bodies from the specially developed watch towers. Guides will also be available to explain to students and tourists the significance of the flora and fauna available in the area. The reservoir was formed during the construction of the earthen bund across a stream. The reservoir and the earthen dam glorify the beauty of the park. Birds get attracted to the serene environment of the reservoir. The natural splendor is embellished further with an area of 80 hectares in the Kambalakonda Reserve Forest.
How to Reach There
The Park is about 4 kilometres from the Vizag railway station on the National Highway.
Suggested Itinerary
Full Day Itinerary Simhachalm, Zoo Park, Bhimili, Thotlakonda, Rushikonda, Kailashgiri.
Option 2
Kambala Konda, Zoo Park, Rushi Konda, Kailashgiri
Events and Attractions  
The boat ride and log hut accommodation are the complete rjuvanetors.










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