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Located on beach Road near to the Submarine Museum, The Navy's commemoration of the 1971 India Pakistan War, the Victory at sea consists of a tri-service represenation of artifacts on the seafront. . This memorial built in the year 1996 commemorates the demolition of Ghazi, a Pakistani submarine, in 1971 during the India-Pakistan war. IN240 The Hawker Sea Hawk is preserved here. Resting on a concrete cradle this has to be the most dramatically posed Sea Hawk in the country. IN240 was rumored to have been in Airworthy condition for some years after the Sea Hawk was officially phased out from the Navy.

Things to Do  
Feel the three dimensional prowess and try to learn something about the war and the megnificent vicotyr over Pakisthan.
How to Reach There
RK Beach can be reached by RTC Bus that connects from all the parts of the city and if you prefer to drive on your own then it is just 3 Km from RTC Bus Station. Autos are other option too..
Suggested Itinerary
Dolphins Nose, Ross Hill, RK Mission, Aquarium, Lane Of Fame, Submarine Museum, Visakha Museum, VUDA Park, Sivaji Park, Kailasgiri Park
Events and Attractions  
There is a T-55 tank symbolizing the land component and an Alizee fighter plane displayed in flying position on a concrete pylon embodying the power in air.

Other eminent exhibits are the P-21 Surface to Surface missiles that wrecked havoc at the Karachi harbor on 4 Dec, 1971 and the RZ-61 Surface to Air missiles that helped the frontline battle ships. At the two corners are the RL-140 anti-submarine rocket launchers that thwarted any sub-surface threat to our guardians of ocean frontiers.










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