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The Art of Living Course gives participants the practical knowledge and techniques to unlock their deepest potential and bring fullness to life. Whether happy and successful or feeling the stress of poor health, disappointments, or fear, every participant is cared for and comes away lighter, with effective techniques for releasing mental and physical stress and increasing his or her health, energy, peace, self-knowledge, awareness, and j
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About the Activity
  • Practices that heal and harmonize the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Skills for handling negative emotions and situations.

  • Practical wisdom for improving work and relationships.

  • Insight into the laws that govern the mind and emotions.

  • Stretching and low-impact yoga for health, circulation, and body stillness

Experience Peace of Mind
Much of the stress or limitations in life come from vacillating between regret about the past or worry about the future. And yet, the present is the only place that happiness can be experienced. A remarkable feature of the course is that participants are able to re-discover the present moment not as a concept but as a direct experience

Simple Techniques for Daily Life

Participants leave with simple but powerful techniques they can practice every day, and an extraordinary weekly group practice is available in many areas. These practices are sacred treasures that grow in value over the years, helping the benefits continue to blossom in daily life.

Sudarshan Kriya: The masterpiece of the Art of Living Course is a powerful breathing-based technique called Sudarshan Kriya, or the healing breath. Sudarshan Kriya incorporates specific natural rhythms of breath to release stress and bring the mind to the present moment. The course also includes other breathing techniques, meditation, low-impact yoga, and skills for dealing effectively with challenging emotions and situations.

Several independent studies on the numerous mental and physical health benefits of the course have been published in international peer-reviewed journals and confirm what participants commonly report.

The Art of Living Course has been enjoyed by people of all traditions, religions, and walks of life, in universities, churches, governments, businesses, prisons, war zones, community rooms, and living rooms. The course is complete in itself and is also a foundation for other Art of Living programs.
Associations and Activity Partners  
B Kavita                            9985435771
Bharadwaj Pramod Babu 9849008642
Chandra Sekhar               9346388007
Anil Kumar                      9885083441
Gayatri Anipindi               9441472653
Indira                               9885103438
Jayanta Chowdury            9949606726
Radhika Mohan                9704465444
Ravi Kumar                      9849113256
Sankar Narayanan            9949666099
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