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Bird watching is one of today’s most popular and fastest growing outdoor activities. Some of the best places to enjoy birding are in Vizag the home to Eastern Ghats. Birders will find a variety of habitats to explore, including Reservoirs, Creks, Reserve Forests, Hills, Vallys, and Parks and treesin the heart of the city. Over 8600 species of birds have been recorded on our planet, and about 1200+ species are found in India. And Vizag the home to the eastern Ghats have most of these species, blessed is the land with such a wilderness that attracts so many from far flung places. When one talks about the birds in Vizag one must not forget the noted ornithologist Sri K S R Krishna Raju who worked with the authority in the subject like Salim Ali and Dillon Rippley. In fact there is one of the bird species that was named after him.
M. a. krishnarajui  
Named after famous indian oronthologist a vizagite M. a. krishnarajui is is a subspecies of Abbott's Babbler (Malacocincla abbotti) bird in the Pellorneidae family.

An isolated population occurs in the Eastern Ghats in the Vizag area, well separated from the nearest main distribution along the Himalayas. Named after ornithologist K.S.R. Krishnaraju by Dillon Ripley and Bruce Beehler in 1985. M. a. krishnarajui of the Eastern Ghats has a darker russet tail and rump than the Himalayan nominate subspecies. Specimens measure 12–13 cm (4.7–5.1 in) in length, with a head of 39–44 mm (1.5–1.7 in) and tail of 55–61 mm (2.2–2.4 in).
About the Activity
 Birding is a hobby that helps expand one's creative horizon and simultaneously fuels interest in a number of activities including wildlife photography, travelling, observing nature at close quarters and even penning down those observations.

"It's a pleasure watching colourful birds, photographing them and also recording their tweets. After all, admiring nature with all its flora and fauna, exploring new places, watching birds and butterflies go hand in hand," said professor of Zoology M Rama Murthy.
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Vizag's way of...  
 "There's a joy in discovering new species of birds and listening to their chirping. It is exciting to spot an almost extinct species. For instance, sparrows are spotted at Vuda Park and three varieties of Kingfishers are found near Sagar Nagar Nalla," says Singh, rattling off the names of various bird species like any qualified ornithologist though he is an entrepreneur.

The community of bird lovers and watchers is on the rise in the port city. And they hail from various walks of life - from businessmen to professionals like doctors, professors or professional photographers and students.

Some go on bird watching jaunts over weekends while others venture out daily to catch a glimpse of the exotic birds in and around the city as well as the district. Many of them also hook up on social networking sites to flaunt their latest exploits and exchange notes on their findings.

While the five-acre biodiversity park maintained by college students in the city boasts of around 70 species of birds including endemic and migratory ones, the other favourite haunts of bird lovers are around 50-100 kms from the city like Kondakarla near Anakapalli, Tellineelapuram in Srikakulam, Tellikubcha in Ichchapuram as well as the forested hills of Paderu, Ananthagiri and Araku.

Andhra University -
Right in the heart of the city we have Andhra University. A wonderful place to start your bird watching. The vizagbirds birders can be seen often doing some some bird watching and also discuss in general about Birds.

Vysakhi Jalaudhyan - This lake located in Suryabagh Area is another place for birding.

Mudasarlova Park/ East Point Golf Course - On the outskirts of Vizag On the National Highway towards kolkata.

Central Park - In the heart of the city once the place whre Central Prison stand now houses number of trees that harbours a variety of birds to look for. A nice location for some birding.

Seetakonda Reserve Forest - You have lots of places on the Outskirts around zoo park one of them being setakonda. which is a good spot for Bird watching.

Yarada - Located on Southern tip of the town, yarada is one of those remote corners where birds love to fly with joy.

Kondakarla Ava - Around 30 kms from Vizag this creek where greenery is onely thing that you will find.

Thatipudi Dam - 42 Kms east of Vizag, on the Vizag-Araku road, you will find Thatipudi which actually is a resorvoid on the foothills of eastern ghats. An excellant place for aquatic birds and raptors along with other common birds.

Anantagiri Range - Starting from Tyda Jungle Bells, passing through borra caves, ananthagiri, araku valley, padmapuram the place is full of birds.

Sileru Range - Over a hundred km from vizag sileru range which starts at narsipatnam and covers places like labhasingi, is one of the best places for birding.

Kambalakonda Reserve Forest - on the outskirts of Vizag offers you all the sights, sounds and action of 25,000 acres of carefully preserved jungle. A good get away for the weekend. Jungle Lodges have their nature Camp inside. Another excellent place for some good birding. And Vizag have lot of places that offers a perfect birding experience. Happy Birding.









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