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Most Beautiful Bay of Bengal on one side, the little Gosthani on the other and Ravishing Red Sand dunes on the third gracing this magnificent piece of land Bhimili is the 2nd oldest municipality of India. Bhimili is not only a beautiful piece of land but also


2 Km

 is a Historical treasure and even got a place in Hindu mythological story.


Things to Do  
The confluence point of River Gosthani into the Bay of Bengal is a scenic view from the hilltop temple.
It was one of the Dutch settlements. Hollanders Green as the name indicates started as a resting place for the dead Dutchmen but one can see many english graves. Hollanders Green certainly makes the oldest Christian grave in Andhra Pradesh and the graves of the early Dutchmen.
'Erra Matti Dibbalu', literally meaning Red Earth Hillocks just looks like a mini Chambal Valley.
There is an old Church dated back to 1850s called 'The Red Church'. Another church, 'The Andhra Baptist' has a rich history of more than 130 years.
The lighthouse dated to 1868 acts as a citadel on the shores of Bheemili beach.
There is a temple dedicated to Lord Narasimha on a hillock.
How to Reach There
Though State run transpotation is available fro bhimili, it is recommended to take SIC tour or own vehicle to reach Bhimili whichis 25 km from the town.
Suggested Itinerary
Full Day Itinerary Simhachalam, Bhimili, thotlakonda, Rushikonda, Kailashgiri, INS Kurusura Submarine Museum, RK Beach.
Events and Attractions  
Bheemunipatnam is supposed to have originated in the days of the mahabharatha (its named after Bheema) as per legends. Most probably its origins were around the 3rd century BCE related to early Buddhism in Andhra Pradesh.
Historical evidences of Buddhist Culture have been noticed at Bheemunipatnam dating back to 3rd century BCE on the hillock Pavurallakonda (also known as Narsimhaswami konda locally) in the town. Buddhist remains were found during the excavations here along with Relic caskets. Both the schools of Buddhism Hinayana and Mahayana were propagated in this land and also to the far east lands from the port of River Gosthani. See pavurallakonda page for more details.

Temple of Lord Narasimha
There is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Narasimha on the eastern side of Pavurallakonda facing the sea. As per the historical evidences the temple is constructed around 14th century by Mindi Kings. There are two more temples in the town of Bhimili, which date back to the times of Chola's as Bheemeswaralayam and Choleswaralayam.

Dutch Settlements
Bheemunipatnam was one among the major Dutch settlements in the 17th century in India. We can find the remnants of the Dutch East India Company at Bheemunipatnam. Here was a port now ruined into the sea, from where the Britisher's and Dutch used for the purpose of their sea trade. One of the oldest Christian Cemetery is located in Bheemunipatnam near the Beach.

East India Company
East India made Bheemunipatnam as their main trading base of the east coast. The Bhimili port used to operate passenger vessels to Madras and Calcutta during the reign of Britisher's. The big clock tower in the town was built by Britisher's. Bhimili also had a currency mint during the times of Dutch.









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