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Bought into Limelight by William King George of Geological Survey of India in 1807 these stalagmites caves whiche were til the time worshipped by the localtribals Borra Caves are located in Borra village in Ananthagiri hills of The Eastern Ghats.Lying at 1,400m above sea level, these Limestone Caves occupy an area of 2-sq-km.

These limestone caves were formed as a result of the action of the Gosthani river. Once upon a time the Gosthani river was flowing over this limestone area and due to the pressure exerted by the river water on the mineral deposits, the limestones dissolved and gradually the caves were formed. It was a two-way process.

The dissolved limestone trickled down drop by drop on the floor of the cave. These solidified to form irregularly shaped stalagmites. Simultaneously, some of the water drops from the roof solidify to form stalactites.

Over a period of time, these calcium deposits of stalagmites and stalactites grew upwards and downwards respectively, and at some points touch each other to form different parts of the caves. While some of the deposits are in weird shapes, others have formed into fantastic structures, which have acquired a religious significance over a period of time.

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Things are endless, but not to be missed are the journey to araku by rail route, borra caves, a show of Dhimsa ,
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Famous for verdant valleys and enchanting greenery, and Nestled in the gorgeous Eastern Ghats , Araku Valley is 112 Km From Vizag. Encompassing wonderful things like million year old borra caves, highest broad gauge railway stain, the souring spirits of tribal's, wo water falls and tea estates, coffee estates, endless lines of silver oaks the list is a long one. light to watch.
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Full Day Itinerary Vizag, Tyda, Araku, Borra Caves, Vizag
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Deep in the caves there is a 'Shivalingam' over which there is an idol of a cow ('Kamadhenu') and the river Gosthani takes its origin from the udder of this cow. Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation illuminates the caves with sixty-three lamps of mercury, sodium vapour and halogen lamps, which make the interior of the caves colourful and spectacular.

There are several interesting structures inside the caves. These include a mushroom formation, a temple, a mosque, a church and many more. Along with the calcium deposits, there are traces of yellow-coloured sulphur deposits on the ground. Flowing between the solidified stalagmites and stalactites is the Gosthani river, which heads towards Orissa , once out of the caves.









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