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Located amidst the thick forested areas, Jagdalpur the nearest place of the Bastar Kingdom is blessed with many tourist attractions like unique traditional wooden handicrafts, multitudinous waterfalls and wildlife parks.

With a history that goes back to the times of Ramayana, the city houses the Ashram where the saint Valmiki lived. The city also traces its history to the lineage of Prithvi raj Chauhan, the last Hindu king to have ruled on Delhi in 12th century.

Things to Do  
Bastar Palace is one of the prime tourist attractions in Jagdalpur. Built by the rulers of the Bastar state, the palace was renowned as the headquarters of the Bastar kingdom. The palace is historically famous and thousands of tourists visit Jagdalpur to have a look of this momentous architectural splendour.

The Bastar Palace is said to have been built during the ancient times when the rulers of Bastar shifted their capital from Barsur to Jagdalpur. The main attraction here is the exquisite carvings and engravings that one can find on the walls and ceiling of the palace.

The government has built a monument inside the palace vicinity, wherein tourists can enjoy seeing various artifacts and the portraits of the bygone kings. The beautiful gardens that encircle the palace are a sight to behold.

Shopping at the weekly ‘Haat bazaar’ held near the Batsar palace is a must experience. The best time to visit the palace is during Dussehra (October) when the whole palace is adorned with lightings and a 75 day long tribal festival is celebrated.

Visiting the Bastar Palace becomes much more fun when you avail the local transport of the city – horse carriage. Taxis and shuttle buses that connect the palace with the city hub are available.
How to Reach There
At just 300 kilometers from Vizag, reaching Jagdalpur is not a difficult task. While the nearest airport is at Raipur, Jagdalpur has its own railway station. Many daily buses also ply between Raipur and Jagdalpur.
Suggested Itinerary
Full Day Itinerary Vizag Jagadalpur, Araku - Vizag
Events and Attractions  
The tourism of Jagdalpur highlights holy temples like Danteshwari temple and Sri Venkateshwary Swamy Temple, wherein thousands of devotees come to pay their homage. The various popular waterfalls, viz Tiratgarh and Chitradhara waterfalls offer panoramic picnic spots. The Niagara Falls of India, Chitrakot Falls, is a must visit tourist spot around the city.

While at Jagdalpur, one should not miss visiting the Zonal anthropological museum that throws light on the popular tribes that are present in Jagdalpur. The Kailash and Kotumsar caves are famous for their formation of stalactites and stalagmites. The city also prides itself of possessing two natural havens, namely Kanger Ghati National Park and Indravati national park.











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