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Nestled in endless acres of coffee and number of peaks and valleys ananthagiri once summer retreat for the maharajas is cozy place that your will find enroute to araku valley. Ananthagiri hosts number of hidden treasures and attractions like water falls and beautiful valleys and villages. 
Things to Do  
Things are endless, but not to be missed are the journey to araku by rail route, borra caves, a show of Dhimsa.
There are a lot of natural sights to see and relax in Anantagiri hill resort. The views that the hill of Anantagiri offers will be remembered all through your lifetime. The coffee plantations offer a wonderful sight to remember. The mango groves and various other fruit orchards have a smell to relish. There are huge waterfalls, eye-catching ravines and dangerously beautiful gorges to make tourists forget all their worries and tensions. The river Muchkanda originates from Anantagiri and flows along with several small streams. The medicinal and herbal plants comprise the flora of the hill resort. There is a sacred lake of Bhavanasi for you to visit. The hills of Anantagiri are called the Badrinath of the South because of this lake. You can enjoy the nature at its best here and replenish all your lost energies in this hill resort, which is more of a health station.
How to Reach There
By Road : RTC buses runs from vizag in regular intervels from Vizag. If your are planing yoiur trip on your own vehicle then route map can be found below. The route would be Vizag, NADX Road,S Kota, Tyda, Anantagiri, Araku.
By Train: This is one of the exciting journey.
Suggested Itinerary
Full Day Itinerary Vizag - Ananthagiri - Araku - Borra Caves- Tyda - Vizag
Events and Attractions  
Anantagiri hills experiences a similar moderate weather through out the year. The season for tourist is all the year round and you can plan your vacation at the hill resort according to your own convenience. The beauty of the hills is doubled because of the cool weather and calm environs. The Anantagiri hill resort is perfect for honeymooners.

Dhimsa Dance
The Dhimas Dance of the Porja Caste was an exclusive Women's Dance.Praising deity for welfare of the domestic life. Nearly 15-20 women form a chain and dance wearing typical tribal dresses and ornaments. The leading women carry a peacock feather in her hand. It is a must for newly wed because on this day the women pray for a peaceful and happy married life. The members play instruments like Mori, Thuduma and Dappu. Now it is performed by Women and Men on special occassions and is dedicated to the welfare of the domestic life. The Men and Women of the Porja caste perform the Dance with great feeling. It is must for newly-wed because on this day the women pray for a peaceful and happy married life. Women Dance around in unison holding their hands together at wrists.

The dance with its simple rhythm and the earthy colours of the tribal wear focuses on the movement of the dancers without much emphasis on expression or a literary text. Red, yellow and green are the colours the tribes attire themselves in. Movements of the feet and the hands by the group dominate the dance. With an elemental rhythm and animated, quick steps with manoeuvres resembling the darting of a centipede its raw energy captivates one. One gets the impression that it is the collective performance that matters with each of them complementing the other and merging into a unifying whole.










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