Sinking of PNS Ghazi | Victory over Pakisthan in Vizag
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Sinking of PNS Ghazi - in the Waters of Vizag

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We did fooled fooled Pakistan into sending their sole long-range submarine to stalk the Indian aircraft carrier INS Vikrant outside Vizag port, while the carrier was safely harbored in the Andamans.Remains of PNS Ghazi

PNS Ghazi (SS 479) was a United States-built submarine that was leased by Pakistan in 1963. It operated in the 1965 and 1971 wars between India and Pakistan and was Pakistan's first submarine and remained the flagship submarine for Pakistan Navy until it sank in 1971. It sank off the fairway buoy of Vizag near eastern coast of India during the 1971 war.

During 1971 Indo Pak war, sensing a deteriorating military scenario with the transfer of Indian aircraft carrier INS Vikrant close to East Pakistan, the Pakistan Military decided to negate the threat by deploying its flagship submarine Ghazi. On 14 November, Ghazi sailed out of harbour on a reconnaissance patrol under the command of Cdr. Zafar Muhammad Khan with 92 hands on board. It was expected to report on 26 November. The submarine sailed 3,000 miles (4,828 kilometres) around the Indian peninsula from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal.
Intelligence and deception

Ghazi's existence was revealed when signal addressed to naval authorities in Chittagong was intercepted, requesting information on a lubrication oil only used by submarines and minesweepers.
Though we don't have enough ships to escort the aircraft carrier in the Bay of Bengal,the very profile of the Ganges Delta which is shallow gave enough confidence that it was too shallow to support a submarine for about 50 miles or so. So it was decided that aircraft carrier will travel only in this area. It was clearly caliculated that the submarine has to get at her it will have to surface, because it cannot stay down in shallow waters. so vikrant sailed with only two ships as escorts. 

At the same time concerted action was taken to disseminate information designed to mislead the enemy about the true location of the aircraft carrier, and to foster confidence that the carrier was stationed at Visakhapatnam.
Contracts were placed for delivery in Visakhapatnam of large quantities of food, especially meat and fresh vegetables, allegedly destined for the Eastern Fleet ships. A private telegram was allegedly sent from Vishakhapatnam from one of the sailors of the aircraft carrier, inquiring about the health of his ailing mother. All these activities were apparently successful in deceiving the enemy. 25 November, the Pakistani command sent communication to the Ghazi saying that "intelligence indicates the finding of an aircraft carrier in port".


What Happend that Day

On December 3, they thought the Vikrant was still at Vizag because we had worked up a lot of fake wireless traffic, about requiring supplies that could only be meant for a carrier, out of Vizag.

With all the ships sailed to Andamans and it was INS Rajput the lone ship that is keeping the vigil over the waters of Vizag. In narrow channels, ships, during an emergency or war, always throw depth charges around them to deter submarines. INS Rajput just did that and One of them hit the Ghazi. The blow-up was there, but nobody knew.


It was a fisherman who discovered a lifejacket which had 'Made in America' written on it. At that time there was only one ship in harbour, the Rajput which needed some repairs. All the others had sailed to the Andamans. She left a few days later, about 8 in the evening or so. After an investigation about the location where the life jacket found and a deep water diving exercise have got the news that it was INS Ghazi and the log book was still on display in the navel museum.










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