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This Museum is a historical museum which also act as repository of artifacts and documents related to history of Vizag and erstwhile Ganjam District . Located on the Beach road, Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation museum has historical treasures and artifacts of the region. The museum is housed in 150 year old architecturally impressive Dutch Bungalow which was almost dilapidated on the beach road at Waltair, when it was alienated to VUDA. This building was in occupation by various families till the late 70's, but no one ever dreamt that it would one day become the home of "Visakha Museum". The collections include ancient armory, crockery, coins, silk costumes, jewelry, stuffed animals, portraits, Shell of an unexploded bomb dropped by the Japanese during World War II, manuscripts, letters, diaries, scrap books as well as periodicals, maps etc which chronicle the lives of the early settlers.
Things to Do  
In 1980 The bungalow and the land was alienated to VUDA and initial plans off converting this to a hotel were changed and citizen forums voice for converting this for a public cause were heard and S P Singh(then Municipal Commissioner)'s proposals for a museum was on paper and thanks to then Mayor D V Subba Rao and Sameeer IAS being instrumental in moving the project from paper to the ground and then it is Mr. Sarma (then Project director of VUDA) turn to make this a wonderful icon of the city he took keen interest in keeping the originality and carrying the utility, Once you enter you will notice that everything is is original except the flooring and the showcases. Then came the stalwart Gangadhr who put priceless effort in collecting such a large collection that makes it one of the vizag's most treasured landmark.
How to Reach There
Though the preferred route will be to take a ride from Vizag city to Scindia (via port flyover)  and take a detour from main road towards yarada at scindia junction. there is one more more adventurous way of reaching yarada, where you can start from vizag town and reach fishing harbour and take a boat to cross  harbor channel to reach  sagarmatha temple from where you can take a trekking tour to yarada beach.
Suggested Itinerary
Full Day Itinerary Dolphins Nose, Ross Hill, RK Mission, Aquarium, Lane Of Fame, Submarine Museum, Visakha Museum, VUDA Park, Sivaji Park, Kailasgiri Park
Events and Attractions  
The Collection Portraits :
Oil on canvas : Standing portraits, some of them life-size, of members of the royal family of Vizianagaram and Bobbili.

Armoury : Two full suits of armor, two stands of spears and muzzle loading guns, several ancient weapons such as steel bows.

Hand Guns : English handguns and revolvers of various types are acquired from the Police Armory, having been decommissioned on the transfer of power on the 15th August 1947. At least one revolver has an inscription in French.

Swords and Daggers : A large collection of daggers and long-bladed swords and bodices of chain-mail are also in the collection.

Helmets : Three varieties of helmets are identified, resembling desogms of British, and probably of Greek / Roman and Viking helmets.

Taxidermy Exhibits : Two magnificent Bengal tigers (stuffed) which are hunting trophies of Jeypore Royalty are excellent examples of the art and science of taxidermy. Valuable HEIRLOOMS of Ankitam family consisting of an antique Buddhist Pagoda, a silk skirt, RAMAYANA on palm-leaf, costume jewellery and medallions are donated by their descendants. Astronomical instruments from the A.V. Jagga Rao Observatory of 1900's in Vizag are also unique items.

Porcelain And Glass : A dinner set of porcelain with family coat of-arms inclusive of Telugu script which was made in 1920's in Czechoslovakia and glass wine set are from Bobbili Royal family.

Gandhi Memorabilia : A desk used by Mahatma Gandhi and later by late Sri Tenneti Viswanatham along with photographs of the Mahatma walking with other personalities of Vizag, and photos of the Ankitam House in which Gandhiji stayed while in Vizag.

Facilitative Decorations : of the first Poet-Laureate Sripada Krishnamurthi Sastry : Suvarna Gandapenderam, Mani Kireetam, MahaMahopa-dhyaya insignia and medallions; An invaluable collection of 32 works of art by the celebrated artist of Andhra, Adivi Bapiraju; A Burmese Silver bowl with Budda Jataka Katha on it; old violins from Germany and Czechoslovakia; old watches, clocks, documents, photographs and a collection of over 200 rare and old books from the personal libraries of prominent personalities of Vizag with which the Museum Library was started  

Memoribilla from Locals/Institutions
ST. Aloysius School : Shell of a 250-lb bomb dropped by Japanese on Vizag during II World War, which fortunately did not explode.

Hindustan Shipyard : Coconut broken by the First Prime Minister Jawaharalal Nehru when launching the first India-built ship S.S. JALA USHA and a model of the ship.

Vizag Port Trust : Bronze busts of port officers including Nanjundiah, first Indian Chairman.

Indian Navy : INS Kalvari a submarine that was in service of the nation during the 1971 war now chocases its fing at might ovr looking the sea. Maritime Wing The one of a kind in entire east coat of India the maritime section showcases rare artifacts such as a 2500 old Statue of Lord Varuna and also displayed are several naval warfare memorabilia of the museum also displays a wide array of attractions including armory from by gone era weapons of yester years and rare photographs and documents










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