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If you've never heard of Waterfalls in vizag, you should go.
If you've heard of them but never been, you should go.
 If you've been before, you should go again.

Eastern ghat's are marvellous, inspiring, powerful and beautiful patch of green................with a dash of water. That's where our water falls come from.

Once you start leaving the city and start climbing the hills of araku on this safe bendy road........a rocky mountain suddenly juts up out of the forest canopy with monkey face; on the side is gosthani river giving a glimpse of wats on offer for the rest ofthe ride. The views are terrific out towards the mountains and the nearby vallies. But what REALLY will get your attention is the first glimpse of waterfalls on the rightside near to hairpin bend 6.

The water from the the mountans hurtles with force down the valley to form River Gosthani the whole atmospehere is a beautiful spot filled with attractive locals and most definitely a place you should check out if you're up here.
Katika Waterfalls  
At a distance of 38 Kms from Araku and 4 km from Borra, this 120+ feet high cascading waterfall is situted at dence forest near Borra Caves. Needing a combination of walk and trek, this water fall is perfectly placed in one of the dencer patch of forest in the area. Originating at Ghostani River ( The same river causing those stlgamite at Borra), the water fall needs tourists to cover 100 steps and 2 km long trek amidst the thick greens to reach.
Aug to Dec is the best season.
A scenic place with water falls and vast landscap open to horizon this area will relax people with its spendin harm and cherping chant of water. Usually people who visit Araku valley won’t miss this place as it is very nearer to the main Araku valley place. It is better not to enter into water flow area during rainy season as the water current will be high and dangerous. During winter season the water flow is less and people can enjoy their stay here. Landscapes and gardens are located surrounding this place. One can experience the beauty of water gushing through natural rocks.
There is a entry fee of Rs 10/- collected by locals here, no fee for camera or any other photography equipments.

At a distance of 30 Kms from Araku, 3 Kms from Anantagiri, Tadimada waterfalls, also known as Anantagiri Waterfalls are one of the best waterfalls in this region. With a height of about 100 feet, these falls offer best views in monsoon season.
The best way to reach these waterfalls is by walking / trekking from Anantagiri. The falls are about 1-2 away from the main road between Anantagiri and Araku (after about 1.5 Kms from Anantgairi). The approach road from main road is very narrow and bumpy. Only SUVs can manage well on this road. It's advisable to walk to these falls from Anantagiri-Araku main road (for about 1-2 Kms) which takes about 20 minutes. The road is almost flat and anyone can manage to walk easily.The rocks near the falls are very slippery and should be careful while getting on to the rocks. Though swimming is possible, water here is bit dirty.
The Collection Portraits :
Oil on canvas : Standing portraits, some of them life-size, of members of the royal family of Vizianagaram and Bayed are several naval warfare memorabilia of the museum also displays a wide array of attractions including armory from by gone era weapons of yester years and rare photographs and documents
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