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From time to time we showcase different aspects of vizag.
Kerala Kala Samithi  
Kerala Kala Samithi was formed in the year 1971 amalgamating several small local associations of the Malayalam-speaking people in and around Visakhapatnam. It was on July 10 ,1971. MORE
M V Doulos
M V Doulos the World Largest Floating Book Fair is on its 3rd Visit, came in the month of may 2006.
Famous for being the Oldest Sailing Vessel on the Seas and Popular as vessel to bring knowledge. Built in 1914, she is two years younger than the Titanic.320 Volunteers representing 40 nations it is truly a cultural Kaleidoscopic fact of the world. MORE
Vaisakhi Nrutyotsavam
Nataraj Music and Dance Acadamy have scheduled 4 day dance festivals to show case rich dance heritage of indian. Titiled "Vysakhi Nrutyotsavam" this music festival will host famous personalities like Sharmila Mukarjee(Kathak), Rathikanth Mahapatra(Odissi), Padmasree Darsana Zavery(Manipuri), Padmasree Gopal Prasad, Padmasree Bharati Sivaji(Mohiniattam) to showcase the rich dance heritage of india.MORE
Waterfalls in Vizag
If you've never heard of Waterfalls in vizag, you should go.
If you've heard of them but never been, you should go.
If you've been before, you should go again.

Eastern ghat's are marvellous, inspiring, powerful and beautiful patch of green................with a dash of water. That's where our water falls come from..MORE
Andhra University
Andhra University, located amidst sylvan surroundings in Waltair uplands of Vizag, AU is the first to be named after a South Indian language and also the first to be conceived as a residential teaching-cum-affiliating university mainly devoted to PG courses and research. .MORE
PNS Ghazi
PNS Ghazi (SS 479) was a United States-built submarine that was leased by Pakistan in 1963. It operated in the 1965 and 1971 wars between India and Pakistan and was Pakistan's first submarine and remained the flagship submarine for Pakistan Navy until it sank in 1971. It sank off the fairway buoy of Visakhapatnam near eastern coast of India during the 1971 war. .MORE
Presidents Fleet Review 2006
Review of the Indian Naval Fleet by the President of India is held at Vizag on 12 Feb 2006. This was the historic occasion for the Indian Navy and Eastern Naval Command in particular as the Fleet Review by the President has been held for the first time in the Eastern Coast. About 55 Naval ships and 45 aircraft have participated in the Review. .MORE
St. Aloysius High School
St. Aloysius High School was established in the year 1847. It has faced many hassles all along its glorious period. It is located in a magnificient location ,just by the sea- side of Vizag. .MORE
Kalachakra 2006
Kalachakra the Buddhist tantric practice belonging to the Highest Yoga Tantras the empowerment for which has traditionally been given in Tibet to large gatherings of people. HH the Dalai Lama will be giving the empowerment for the 30th time in his life at Amaravati in January 2006. .MORE
Maha Kumbaabhishekar @ R K Beach
More than a Lakh of people  will witnes the Sahasra Koti Lingaabhishekam ( A Devotional Sprinkling of Water from all the imporant rivers in India to One Crore and Eight Lakh Shivlinga(The Holy Stone Representing Shiva)  in R K Beach. and Similar Offerings at much small scale were perfomed all over india at all the Shiva Temples in India on the Morning on Shivaratri. .MORE










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